ARITSUGU Alloy Steel Garasuki Kitchen Japanese Chef Knife 180 mm 7.08" AT085 Engraved Name

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AT085 N
Japanese knife Garasuki

You can chicken easily. Your cooking will go through a dramatic change!
This is a Garasuki knife. It is made of Alloy Steel. This knife is used to cut and prepare chicken. It facilitates de-boning chicken. It also works well cutting and preparing fish. It is a useful knife to own.The Garasuki shares the same overall blade profile as the Honesuki, but the Garasuki is larger in size, thicker, and heavier.

Customer review
On a previous trip to Japan I ate Sushi and Sashimi. I was happy to eat very unique Japanese foods that are different than my country. I was very curios on watching the Japanese chefs using various knives while they were preparing their dishes. I also cook at home and checked the knife I use and was surprised that it was Aritsugu.There are many types of knives to choose from but I chose "Gyuto" knife. The reason being it is very practical for preparing home cooked meals. The unique shape and sharpness of the tip allows for very thin slicing resulting in beautiful preparation. It is very light and very easy to use. Now I understand that Japanese knives are a unique characteristic of traditional Japanese cooking. There are no other knives like Aritsugu ! I love it ! (From Canad)

Brand Tsukiji ARITSUGU
Content One knife, sharpening manual paper * not included saya cover
Type Goukin (carbon steel) Garasuki knife with a bolster 

Meat and bone (Chicken)

Edge angle

Double edge

Blade material

Carbon steel

Bolster material


Handle material

Rose wood

Total length

Approx 315 mm (12.40")

Blade length

Approx 180 mm (7.08")

Blade width

Approx 50 mm (1.96")

Black thickness

Approx 4 mm (0.15")


Approx 270 g (9.52 oz)

(Hardness Rockwell C scale)

How about having your name engraved on the bolster? 
It is a free service. You can choose your name or something else you would like written on your Japanese knife. Please refer to #2 photo on the top page.You can have it done in English, Kanji or Katakana.The clients who ordered it were all very satisfied. Choosing to have your name engraved on a Japanese speciality knife would make it a quite unique.How about sending it as a wedding gift, birthday gift or when congratulating the opening of a new business?

This is ARITSUGU made of the best steel and by artisans with their high technique. It has been inherited technique making Japanese sword since 1560, and it is a top position as the knife maker in Japan even now. Their swords had very sharp edged, so they dedicated them to Japanese emperor. The steel are so sharpness and tough at the tip of a knife, but the stainless steels and ceramics aren't. When the chefs use ARITSUGU, they can cut any ingredients to bring out the flavor and they also have their imaginations and widen their idea more.That is the reason why the first-class chefs around the world love ARITSUGU. Of course you can use it as a household kitchen knife.