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I am Takao Sakamoto. I manage now. We sell the ARITSUGUs knives in Tokyo Tsukiji outer market wholesalers and restaurants use. We would like to serve as a link to present and future Sushi restaurant owners to increase in popularity by using authentic Japanese knives. Thank you.

Japanese knife Tsukiji ARITSUGU

You can cook more easily to use this Japanese kitchen knife ARITSUGU.

The first-class chefs in the world love ARITSUGU's knives too.

Because they can cut any ingredients your own way without changing their tastes and shapes.

Japanese knife Sujibiki

The ARITSUGU had made Japanese swords for “Samurai” since 1560.

Their swords had very sharp edged, so they dedicated them to Japanese emperor. ARITSUGU’s high technique has been inherited as Japanese kitchen knives for a long time.

Japanese knife Tsukiji ARITSUGU

The knives are made of Japanese swords technique for a long time, then they feature toughs and sharpness.

Japanese knife Takobiki

Since the chefs use ARITSUGU, they can cut ingredients to bring out the flavor, have food imaginations more and widen their idea.

That is the reason why the chefs in the world love ARITSUGU. Of course you can use it as a household kitchen knife.

It is located in Tokyo Tsukiji outer market.


Tokyo Export Inc.
3-1-13 Kanamechoi, Toshima-ku Tokyo, Japan
We support Tsukiji ARITSUGU and sell their's knives.

Tokyo Export Inc.